ZTE to launch Android Wear Smartwatch soon with LTE functionality


ZTE , At CES revealed that it is all gearing up to launch a Android Powered Smartwatch very soon. Despite the declining Smartwatch Sales, ZTE is sure that its upcoming Smartwatch will become a huge success.

ZTE earlier has already manufactured several smartwatches which ar not based on Android Wear and does, its not a new player to the market. Mr.Cheng chairman and CEO of ZTE USA said that “poor battery life and lack of LTE” was one of the main reasons of not launching Android Wear smartwatches.

But now, it seems like the smartwatch will come with LTE functionality and will be a stand alone watch, which means no need to pair the watch to smartphones. No further news or specifications of the upcoming smarwatch was revealed. So lets wait and see what ZTE has to offer.


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