Samsung Galaxy S8 to come with 8 GB of RAM and 6″ display?


Samsung , due to its Note 7 issues is completely focusing on their next years flagship S series. Even though S7 and S7 Edge was an huge success for Samsung the expectation for the Next S series phone is getting relatively higher than what we thought. Several leaks pointed out that Samsung is planing to launch 2 size variants of the S8 with 2 different display sizes. The phone is all so said to be powered by 8GB of RAM. Read on.

As for as recent reports from several publishers, Samsung may surprise us with 8GB ram variant with 10 Nano meter chipset facility by Samsung. As for as all rumors go, Samsung Galaxy s8 will come with 4k Display , 8 GB of RAM powered by in house Exynos chipset. Also the phone will have higher scrren to body ratio just like what we saw in Mi Mix.

The phone is also said to come with Dual rear camera setup and fingerprint sensor place at the rear side of the phone. So lets seewhat Samsung has to offer for the Next “S”.


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