NASA’s Europa lander to drill the surface of Icy Moon


Human race has been in finding their next home in case of any kind of emergency and even planning to colonize Mars. Many private and Government organizations are in full speed to reach their. Several scientists and Organizations indicated that the Europa, the largest moon of Jupiter has water , double the amount of water in earth under its crust in the form of Ice.

The water is said to be in 10 to 15 miles down from the crust. The moon is said to be an ideal place for living with some problems due to the weather. Now NASA is planning to send a rover and dig the surface of the Europa to find the pristine crystals from the surface.

Also recently NASA’s Hubble telescope has found out that the surface is emitting vapour fumes. This could definitely be due to the¬† meling of ice crystal layers surrounding the underneath¬† ocean. This leads to the thinking of Bacteria’s present in the surface. Bacteria’s are living organisms which need Nitrogen to live. So let’s see what happens in the future when NASA lands its rover in the EUROPA.


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