Gravity Rush 2 demo is now available in Playstation 4


Gravity Rush 2 was supposed to release this month, but due to several technical problems and issues the release of the game has been postponed to January 20, 2017. The game is a sequel to gravity rush and was showcased even during Playstation Experience. Due to the push in release date of the game , the developer has brought the game to the playstation store as a demo game. Read on.

The game will test the ability and strategy of the players who are familar with the Gravity Rush mechanics. If you are new to this series ,then the demo is a must play to know the strategy. Since the game has been pushed to next month, the developers has decided to launch a new DLC “An Additional story take place in the world of Gravity Rush 2”. For note, the game is developed by Japan studios and published by Sony Interactive entertainment.


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