Google to launch 2 new Smartwatches early next year


There where many rumors regarding the Google’s in house Smartwatches. Now we have our first glimpse about it. Earlier Evan Blass teased a picture claiming them has upcoming Google Smartwatches. The both Smartwatches are said to come with round form factor. Google’s has now considered that anything made by google can become an huge it and of course that’s true . Earlier Google made Pixel, Google Home, etc which is an huge hit right now. Google launching their in house smartwatches makes sense since the lack of new Smartwatches powered by Android wear. Samsung’s Tizen OS is now a big competitor to android wear apart from Apple and even many companies like Huawei are opting Tizen Os for their upcoming devices.Read on.

According to Jeff Chang, product manager of android wear at google reported it in a recent interview with The Verge. During I/O 2016, Google showcased their Android Wear 2.0 and since then the software is in preview stage. Android Wear 2.0 comes with Google assistant and more features like Android Pay, etc. The 2 watches will have NFC support for Android Pay facility. The devices are said to come during CES 2017. As for as Android wear goes it supports both ios and Android platform, so don’t worry if you have an iphone. Also Jeff stated that Google is more optimistic about the wearable and also said that it’s an Marathon, not a sprint. So let’s see what google has to offer for us in CES 2017.


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