Google Assistant coming to Android TV, Android Wear and Android Auto


Nvidia at CES announced several new hardware’s and was the first to announce that the Google Assistant is coming to Android TV.  Google announced the Assistant a long time ago along their Allo app. Also the first phone to come with Google assistant was the Pixel.

Now it looks like Assistant will come to all Android platforms including Android TV, Android Wear and Android Auto. Following the reveal from Nvidia Google posted the information in it’s own blog. It is said to come for all devices running Marshmallow and Nougat.

The Assistant will come in Xiaomi’s Mi Box, AirTV player, Sharp Aquos and othe Android TV running 6.0 and Above. Google assistant in TV , will help a user to go remote or controller friendly, thanks to it’s incredible intelligence from storing to recommending. So, do you have an Androind powered TV and are you excited about Google Assistant?


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