Elon Musk teases “SuperCharger V3” on twitter


Electric vehicles are considered has the next big thing right now because it doesn’t produce has much pollution what the normal gasoline powered vehicles does. Right now electric cars are making a huge impact in western countries. Companies like Tesla, BMW, Ford etc have started to build their own electric cars. The main problem of an electric car is charging.

Even though several companies are providing fast charging for their cars, it almost takes 30 minutes for a full charge. Tesla has mounted their chargers everywhere in America but the time it takes ti charge is what matters.

On christmas holiday, elon musk in a conversation with Electrek’s Fred Lambert said that the company will continue to install solar arrays at every Supercharger stations. Also said that the company is working on to increase the rate of charge . Right now it takes around 30 minutes to charge the battery full.

Tesla will be increasing the power out from145 KW to 300 KW with its new Supercharger 3 which will take a minimum of 15 minutes to complete a charge. Does this makes the Tesla Model 3 a more attractive offer than its competitor.


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