Cyanogen Inc shuts down CyanogenMod , team is shifted to Lineage Os


Cyanogen has been making headlines for past sometime and now it has reported that , it shuts down CyanogenMod . That means all its nightlies and builds will not be supported from December 31st. CyanogenMod was one of the best Mods available right now and their support and passion for it was way incredible. Cyanogen has been building their ROM’s on top of android and started partnering with various Manufacturers like Oneplus, Yu, Lenovo etc.

CyanogenMod even though was powered by Cyanogen worked hard without their support for pas 8 years. Now Cyanogen has shifted their team members to Lineage OS . We don’t have any information about the LineageOS right now. Stay tuned to know further information about the platform. Leave your Comments below.


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