China : Will be in Mars before 2020


China’s Space agency held a press conference on tuesday to discuss the future plans and ambitious missions to explore the space in beijing. The country is planning to enter Mars by the end of 2020. Also planning to land on dark side of the moon before 2018.

Wu Yanhua, deputy chief of the National Space Administrations announced that the organization is planning to send it’s first probe to the mars before the end of this decade. The probe will be used to explore the weather and surface of the Mars. China is a late comer to the space race and joined almost at last to other developed countries.

Also Yanhua stated that they will launch similar probes to explore jupiter and its moons by the year 2030 and will become a key player among the space powers of the world. We like to note that china launched their first satellite in mid 1970’s only after America reached the moon. Also NASA has stopped working with Chinese agencies due to the security concern by the US congress in 2011.


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